Want to Get More Organized...


It's easy to think about getting organized, but sometimes it's hard to actually beorganized.

But what does it mean to "be more organized?" Well, it can be any one of the following, or a combination:

Knowing where everything you need is, the moment you need it. Arriving places on time. Being prepared. Feeling like you're in control of your day.

You might not be able to feel 100 percent organized every minute of every day, but by forming good organizational habits and establishing a solid daily routine, you can definitely feel more organized, most of the time.

Here are 5 ways to improve your daily routine so you can feel more organized. 

1. Leave Your Keys and Phone in the Same Spot

Leave your keys, cell phone, blackberry, iPod, and other such accessories you carry day in and day out, in the same place every single time you walk through the door of your home. Have a spot in your entry way (or entrance) for these items, so you are never running around, late for work, wondering where your keys and phone are hiding.

TIP: Buy or re-purpose something you like to look at to hold your "smalls." Items such as an entrance table or wall-mounted key organizer are great for storing such things.

2. Create a Task List or Checklist

Make a new to-do list every single day based on the previous day's list and anything that came up since the last list was created. Even if you're not a big list maker and only jot down the big projects, look at it every day and cross off what you've completed (or what you've deemed no longer relevant). Not only will this help keep you on top of your tasks, it will make you feel productive when you cross off that item after it's been completed.

TIP: Make your to-do list, on your actual to-do list, at either the beginning or end of the day. Midday is too late for the current day, and often to early to have a real sense of the following day.

3. Check Your Bank Balance Online

Do a quick scan of your checking and savings accounts. We suggest this for three reasons:

It allows you to see what you spent the previous day.

You can check for fraudulent charges.

Looking at your savings puts you in the right frame of mind each morning to continue saving.

4. Carry a Small Notepad

A small, pocket-sized notebook is essential to an organized life. Use this to write down items for your shopping list, errands, to-dos, and random thoughts, and carry it with you every where you go. It's endlessly portable, user-friendly, and never needs re-charging. You never know when you'll need to quickly jot something down:

5. Declutter Your Wallet

Organizing your wallet is one of the best, quick and easy organizing projects to instill as a daily habit. Tackle this one whenever you have some downtime -- like sitting on a train or in front of the TV on a weeknight.

How to declutter your wallet:

File away the receipts you need to hang onto, then shred and recycle the rest.Go through your cadre of rewards cards.

Make sure the ones you use the most are front and center.

Remove your change and store it in a jar or other designated container in your home. There's no need to carry around the extra weight.

Next Week we will share 5 additional ways to get organized TODAY. If you need to see the whole list today, find it at the link below.

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