Virtual Transaction Management is made from 25 years of experience in the Real Estate Industry, both commercial and residential.

We have experience in Real Estate, Lending, Title, Appraisal, Property Management, Management, and Training. 

We saw a need in the market to help assist the Community of Real Estate Agents so that they can balance their lives while increasing their bottom line.  

Teaming up, we can provide assistance where you need it most.  It is time to change your mindset.  Time for cost-efficient services.  Time to either grow that business, take that vacation, or simply take time for yourself.

With the market fluctuating, it is not always feasible to hire an Assistant to work with you full or part-time.  This is the feedback that we have received from many of the Agents we talk to.  With our RE Assistance Services, we give the same Assistance, when you can afford it.  Gone are the days that you will have to pay for someone when you aren't busy.  We can customize what you need and get it done in a timely manner so you are only paying for the tasks that need to be completed.

Most Agents think they need to hire an Assistant to manage their transactions.  Our Contract to Close Services allows you to get that assistance when the transaction is under contract.  

Contract to Close Services:

Adding a seasoned Transaction Manager to a Realtors overall success plan does the following:

1.  Reduces 15-20+ hours of work per transaction for both the Assistant and the Realtor.  Allowing you to use Assistant hours for other money-generating activities.

Result:  Exponentially increases Agents producing productivity.

2.  Eliminates time Office Managers or other staff has to take to review files for compliance.

Result:  Staff has more time to focus on supporting the Realtors and the overall growth of the Office.

3.  Great recruiting tool.

Result:  Partner with more Teams, add more Agents.  Expand Your Business!

Upon demand from YOU, the Agents, we now have Services to help Assist in many other ways.  From Listing Management, Marketing Assistance, to Agent Training. We have you covered.  Allow us to Assist, so you can go after more business.  Or take time to do other things.

Our Motto is: We Manage.  You Thrive!

We believe that Teamwork is the key.  Let us do what we do best for you so that you can go out and do what you love to do.

Everything can be customized.  See something you like, but want to put your twist on it? 

Call us at 720-989-8202 | 970-291-8175.

Let's Chat!  Together, we will win!

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